Bridging platform QikBridge enters soft launch

Bridging platform QikBridge has soft launched in the UK with the aim of simplifying the bridging application process.

QikBridge, which launched in early 2018, has been testing its systems as it looks to create a one stop shop for bridging applications.

Initially QikBridge will be focussed on providing a smooth application platform for borrowers to cut down the time taken to apply for bridging finance.

However it has long term plans to further improve the process for borrowers and lenders alike through technological innovation.

Martin Alderson of QikBridge said: “The bridging market in the UK is a £4bn sector and at a time when the country is facing a property shortage it plays a key role in supporting the Governments plan to bring more homes to market.

“However the wider market does not know as much as it needs to about bridging and it is time that the sector moved further into the limelight.

“Bridging is very much a touch and feel type of business but by providing the right information to the right lenders there is an opportunity to improve the speed and efficiency of the sector for all.

“Our aim here at QikBridge is to improve the process for the borrower and work closely with lenders to ensure everyone is getting the best deal possible.”

QikBridge will be piloting its platform over the coming months before a wider roll out later this year.

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