QikBridge bridging platform enters development

Codified has announced plans to launch QikBridge – a bridging platform aimed at bringing borrowers and lenders closer together.

The platform launch follows the firms entry into the invoice insurance sector with InvoiceInsure and is just one of a number of verticals it is planning to explore.

Martin Alderson of QikBridge said: “Following on from the successful launch of InvoiceInsure we see the bridging sector as an area that is ready for innovation.

“Lender processes are already well managed but the links between borrowers and lenders could be improved.

“We believe the QikBridge platform will have the ability to improve the links between the two and provide a better outcome for borrowers.

“As a business we feel it is all our responsibility to ensure the best outcome for borrowers and make sure they get access to the deals they need. We will be working hard to ensure QikBridge helps to do just that.”

Codified has plans to launch into a number of other specialist finance markets throughout 2018 and beyond.

The firm aims to have QikBridge ready for a soft launch in the summer of this year.

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