Qube Global joins RICS Tech Affiliate Program

Qube Global Software has become the latest firm to join the RICS Tech Affiliate Program.

The Tech Affiliate Program has been designed to promote the adoption of technology across the real estate industry, benefiting both RICS professionals and the wider market.

Speaking about the program, Dan Hughes, director of data products at RICS, said: “Despite digital technologies rapidly changing how we do things in the built environment and how professionals carry out their roles, many organisations remain at an early stage of experimentation in their use of new technologies or data-driven systems.

“It is with this in mind that our Technology Affiliate Program aims to make industry professionals more aware of the latest technologies that will advance their capabilities and help them create less costly, more attractive and sustainable homes, buildings and transport systems much quicker.

“Being part of the Technology Affiliate Program shows both the commitment to the adoption of professional standards and of playing a role in developing the wider industry as technology becomes increasingly important.”

Over 20 companies have already signed up to the Technology Affiliate Program including Altus Group, Bamboo Auctions, Imfuma, Invida, FixFlo, Go Report, Kykloud, Rialto, Rescan, Landmark, Klipboard, Nomitech, Sorbet and Tender Space.

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