Labour councils account for 70% of vacant properties

Labour councils have 70% of vacant properties across England in their areas, according to online estate agent eMoov.

eMoov submitted 270 freedom of information requests to London, Metropolitan and District councils asking for the total number of vacant residential properties in their possession.

It found the worst council where stock levels of vacant properties are concerned is the Labour majority Wigan Metropolitan Council, with 3,374 vacant properties in their possession.

Despite holding a majority in just 82 councils to the Conservatives 156, Labour accounts for just over 75% of the vacant properties across England (23,662) an average of 289 properties per council area.

eMoov also said of the 270 councils, 107 (40%) do not hold any vacant properties, 73% of which are Conservative majority councils with Labour accounting for just 16% of that number.

Russell Quirk, founder and chief executive of eMoov, said: “It’s quite frankly scandalous that in the current market climate those in charge of addressing the severe housing shortage are actually sitting on a potential solution or at least part of it.

“We’ve seen numerous plans and announcements by the government to tackle the housing crisis and help the average UK homebuyer in previous years, all of which have amounted to little more than regurgitated rhetoric.

“It would seem that parties across the entire political spectrum need to get their own house in order first and utilize the resources already at their fingertips, rather than investing in another failed housing initiative.

“It is certainly a worrying sign for UK buyers when Labour, the party that is supposed to be the one for people, is by far the worst offender in hoarding vacant council-owned properties.”

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