LandlordInvest releases its Innovative Finance ISA statistics, a fully FCA authorised peer-to-peer lending platform and a HM Revenue & Customs approved ISA manager has published the first statistics for its recently launched property-backed Innovative Finance ISA (IFISA) product.

It is the first ISA manager that offers the new IFISA to release such detailed statistics.

The findings show that:

  • Average funds deposited* in an IFISA account is £2,404 vs £1,945 in Standard account, an average difference of £459 or 19.1%.
  • IFISA investors are also more active than Standard account investors: 67.9% of IFISA of investors have made at least one investment**, whilst 16.8% of Standard account investors have made at least one investment**, a 51.1% difference.
  • IFISA investors are more spread out throughout the UK: 32.0% of Standard account investors are London based, whilst only 21.4% of IFISA account investors are London based, a 10.6% percentage difference.

* Based on accounts with at least one deposit as of 10 February 2017
** Made a commitment into a loan as of 10 February 2017

Average funds deposited Account holders that made at least one investment London based
IFISA account £2,404 67.9% 21.4%
Standard account £1,945 16.8% 32.0%
Difference £459 51.1% 10.6%

Source: LandlordInvest statistics

Joe Vallender, LandlordInvest’s chief technology officer, said: “It probably does not come as a surprise that our IFISA investors are both more active and tend to invest more than our Standard account investors, taking an advantage of earning tax-free income.

“We believe that this trend is likely to continue given that the current tax years is soon coming to an end and more savers will look to allocate their portfolios into tax-efficient products, including the new Innovative Finance ISA.

“We have ramped up our capabilities to accept an influx of savers looking to invest into our property-backed IFISA and will also shortly looking to make our ISA flexible, giving savers more freedom to replace withdrawn cash.”

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