Landmark launches SmartVal

Landmark Information Group, which connects residential property agents to new customers by offering free instant property valuations, has launched SmartVal.

SmartVal uses Landmark’s property data to present consumers with the opportunity to receive an immediate property valuation estimate from within the agent’s website, using the white-labelled online tool.

By using SmartVal, customers simply enter their name, contact details and address, and an instant valuation of their property is delivered via the agent’s website.

The lead details are then sent to the agent’s inbox so direct contact can be made regarding organising a market appraisal.

SmartVal is the new lead generating service from Landmark Information Group, the company behind Metropix, GoView and Landmark Valuation Services including Analytics. The SmartVal valuation is powered by Landmark’s specialist AVM (Automated Valuation Model).

Danielle le Cornu, operations manager at Landmark Information Group, said: “SmartVal is a reliable instant valuation tool that turns an agency’s web traffic in to real leads.

“For anyone wondering “how much is my property worth?”, they can simply visit an agent’s site and click a button to obtain a free instant property valuation by entering a few details.

“SmartVal captures these leads and sends them directly to the agent’s Inbox so they can follow up regarding a market appraisal of their home. It is a great way of getting consumers interacting directly with an agent’s website, while also providing a smart lead generation tool.”

On assessing Landmark’s data from the start of 2016, there are some clear hotspots in the UK that have witnessed increasing property valuations with Slough leading the way up 13.12% in the first nine months, followed by Redbridge (11.33%), Luton (10.59%) and Havering (10.02%).

On the reverse, Ceredigion in Wales has seen average prices decrease this year by 4.47%, followed by the Isle of Anglesey at -4%, Kensington & Chelsea at -2.57%, the City of Westminster at -2.53% and South Tyneside at -1.62%.

For one agency which has been quick to adopt SmartVal, Kevin Robinson from Lancastrian Estates, said: “In today’s property market, a majority of the homeowners we talk to undertake initial research into local agents and market conditions online before appointing an agent to sell their home.

“By launching SmartVal on our website, it creates a great new way to generate additional leads for our branches, by providing owners with the opportunity to receive an instant property valuation via our site.

“This means we have the ability to get in contact with vendors and landlords at a much easier stage in their decision-making process, which will be hugely advantageous.

“On top of this, the service stores every lead making it easy for each branch to allocate. We also take comfort in knowing that the valuation data is derived from some of the most reliable sources out there, so the data is current, accurate and will ultimately provide property owners with a very clear indication of their property’s current resale value.”

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