Garage Soho makes investment in Settled

Online property platform Settled, which is looking to disrupt the estate agency market by allowing homeowners to sell their own homes,  has secured investment from Garage Soho.

Garage Soho, the brand incubator founded by John Hegarty and  Thomas Teichman, led what was the second round of seed funding.

Gemma Young, Settled’s CEO, who was previously at Google, said: “There have been several online agencies in the real estate space which have emerged over the past 18 months offering consumers cost savings but still the need to rely on a middleman.

“We feel technology has a much larger role to play in innovation than we’ve seen so far. With Settled we’re passionate about building the tools that will empower sellers and buyers giving them more confidence and making buying and selling much more enjoyable with a vastly reduced price tag.”

Launched in January 2015 with a consumer launch planned for January 2016, Settled’s platform aims to bring property transaction into the 21st century by enabling homeowners to control their own home sale with online tools and expert support assisting them from valuation through to completion.


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