New property search app Roost launches

Roost, a new app for house hunting on the go, has been launched.
Roost gives users a simple way to search, and share the properties they like with a partner and vice versa.
If you’ve paired up with your partner via Facebook, the properties you both like ping up as ‘matches’ so you focus on the places you both would want to live in
“We noticed that a decision of finding a perfect place, often involves more than one person.
“This is why Roost users can connect through the app and browse properties independently, in their free time.
“The goal is to find a match – a property that they both like” said Elizabeth Chinchen, the product lead working on Roost. “Once you find a place both of you like, you can contact its agent from within the app to arrange the viewing.”

Roost was created by BOLD ROCKET, one of London’s FinTech innovation powerhouses.

The properties listed in Roost come from Zoopla, UK’s most comprehensive property website. “It’s good to see another app which is powered by Zoopla property listings. The way the Roost app connects home hunters and lets them see which homes they match on is a nice twist on property search and an innovative use of our API.” added a Zoopla spokesman.

Roost is available for iPhone users via the App Store. It is free and without any in-app advertising and does not collect or sell any personal data about its users.

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