Warnings made over the future of solar tariffs

Unless a long-term approach is taken to solar feed-in tariffs the government could waste the gains it has made in the sector, Gabriel Wondrausch founder of SunGift Energy has warned.

Wondrausch, founder of the award-winning Exeter-based firm, issued his warning after reports surfaced suggesting that there could be major cuts to the tariffs.

He said: “These reports show that the FiD is working and it’s extremely successful in driving down the cost of solar.

“It’s effective in getting businesses and householders interested in renewable energy and it’s attractive enough for them to make the decision to get it installed.

“What’s more, we’re extremely close to reaching the point at which renewable electricity costs as little to generate as electricity from fossil fuels, so it’s imperative that we don’t take a backward step.”

He said that any major shocks to the industry could result in the loss of the skills that have been built up in recent years, causing the industry to have to start over in the future.

“This momentum has been gained over a period of four years and it’s crucial that we don’t allow this to slow down,” he said.

“The solar industry must be able to perform efficiently, and this requires the security to invest in systems, training, tools and staff.

“Following the ‘boom and bust’ culture of 2011, we are now fully on track, but we still need a stable series of strategic reductions so that we can plan, invest and build businesses that will have constantly lower costs in the future.”

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