UK “sharing economy” trade body set up by Airbnb and co

Airbnb and EasyCar, along with 19 other companies, are behind the creation of a new trade body that will represent and promote the UK’s “sharing economy” businesses.

Online platforms that enable people to share access to property, resources, and specialist in-demand skills come under the “sharing economy” umbrella.

Also included are peer-to-peer marketplaces, car-sharing clubs, and websites that allow users to trade their respective skills so that all parties benefit, often without any money being exchanged.

The new trade body, formed by the 21 founding companies, is to be known as Sharing Economy UK (SEUK) and it will operate as a voluntary member group in order to represent those in the sector as well as ensuring good conduct and best practice across the industry.

Other members responsible for forming SEUK include Appear Here, Bla Bla Car, Compare and Share, Echo, Liftshare, Love Home Swap and Nimber.

In addition to producing a Code of Conduct, SEUK will hold an annual conference and publish research relating to matters affecting the sharing economy, for businesses and consumers alike.

Businesses that operate as part of the sharing economy enable people to generate an income through the assets and skills they possess, and it can also help them to save money by granting access to goods and services that can be traded for instead of paying like a traditional business transaction.

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